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Employment Opportunity

Winters & Rain is looking for a national sales representative that is willing to travel on weekends for designer trunk shows.  You must be outgoing, articulate, responsible, enthusiastic, and have a good sense for fashion.  You will travel to high end bridal shops around country and work with brides helping them pick out their accessories (headpiece, veiling and jewelry) for their wedding.  If you have an interest in fashion this is a great opportunity to help brides look their best.
The position will pay a per day base salary of $150 and a commission of 5% of the total amount of wholesale sales for that trunk show.  An average trunk show is typically $5000 in sales which would be $250 commission plus 2 days @ $150/day = $550 per trunk show.  Busier trunk shows can have sales of $7,500-$10,000 which would yield a commission of $375 - $500.  Your flights, hotel and meals are all paid for while traveling for the trunk show.  
The position is available immediately so if you are interested please call 603-924-7210 and ask for Robert Herbert.