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Restringing your Winters & Rain Headpiece

*Print this page & include the form below with your headpiece!

Please ship your headpiece to:
Winters & Rain
46 Unit B Jessica Lane
New Boston, NH 03070
For questions on your order:
phone 603.487.1223 /

You must include this form, or a note  with your name, address & daytime phone number for any questions we may have.  We no longer accept credit cards for restringing.  Please include a check made out to Winters & Rain in your box.  Thank you for your understanding.
We recommend putting the headpiece back in its original box and then putting that into another cardboard shipping box.
The base cost for restringing is $85 plus $10 shipping=$95.00
For multiple items please add an additional $25 for every item over one (i.e. necklace & braclet=$100 ($85 + $25=$110), two necklaces & one bracelet=$125, etc.)
Please add an additional $50 if you would like a multi-strand choker with a solid sterling silver adjustable clasp.   
Please insure your package for the purchase price of the headpiece.
Winters & Rain will return any pearls or crystals that are not used in the restringing process.
You may purchase additional pearls to lengthen your jewelry, or to expand the number of pieces you are having made.  
We will call you to discuss any questions that we might need answered prior to restringing your piece, so please include a daytime phone number where you can be reached.
Please print this page out, answer the questions, and include this form with your headpiece

City, State, Zip              _                                            
Daytime phone               ___                                        

1) Clasp type (circle one): sterling silver / yellow gold

2)  The length of the necklace including the clasp (take your favorite necklace and measure it by laying it out straight, and include the 'female' side of the clasp when you measure it) ___________inches

3)  The length of bracelet (measure the same as above) ___________inches

4)  Do you want to include the crystals in the restringing? (circle one)   Yes                              No

5)  Please describe below the details about how you would like to see your headpiece restrung: