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Coordinating Accessories

All of our jewelry is cast from solid sterling silver and our cubic zirconias are hand set in prongs, not glued in.  All of the pearls in our jewelry are cultured freshwater pearls.  We pride ourselves on the designing and making the highest quality jewelry in the industry.  Our jewelry is often mistaken for the real thing!  


 E369       E339       E342  

 E311       E472       E317

E371       E439       E452

E440       E441       E450

E443       E468       E350

E393       E351       E403

E399       E344       E331

E401       E701       E749

E751       E729       E315

E717       E702       E720

  E723       E737       E728

 E730       E738       E752

E732       E721       E762
E759       E750       E722

E771       E767       E773

E734       E711       E731

Earring & Necklace Sets

E348 & N135       E443 & N413       E766 & N424

E315 & N135       E311 & N414       E333 & N323

E755 & N420       E757 & N422       E439 & N415

E756 & N421          


N395        N393        N401

N425       N396